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From birth, our parents taught us right from wrong. With tools to get us on the right path Not knowing that in life, we HAVE to make mistakes And turn those mistakes into lessons. Then evolving and making incredible decisions to embark on something new and exciting. My book is filled with my personal life lessons and techniques on love, dealing with roadblocks, keeping my faith strong, and changing my mindset.

To Decide

learn from my lessons, my techniques my motivation..and decide to change your life as well.


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“You actually can enjoy life and expand into your highest potential!

to decide

” We all have a lot of power over our mind frames. We can DECIDE to think negatively or DECIDE to think positively.

Have you ever desired to have a carefree, passionate, and fun-loving personality?

How you feel about what you imagine will DECIDE whether You’ll successfully draw it in or not.

How many times have you been trying to do something and you got very frustrated or even angry?


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To decide


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“You actually can enjoy life and expand into your highest potential!

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In the book I will show you how I myself used the law of attraction, how I started and the results. And my plan to manifest my dream home, dream girl and financial freedom for my family. I hope you and enjoy and learn from my mistakes and lessons and in the end you too will be as motivated as I am to change your life for the better. To Decide

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The law of attraction is a Universal Law. It’s not something you choose or don’t choose. Think of it in the same way that gravity is a part of our life. You can’t use it one day and not bother with it the next. It’s just always there and we don’t need to think about it.

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Focus on what you want Keep your thoughts, feelings beliefs, the things you say and the things you do as positive as you can Remember the 3 steps law of attraction process – Clarity, raising your vibrations and allowing Chill out, enjoy life now and do things that feel good – read a book, go dancing, have a bath, play… Think of the law of attraction as a powerful helping hand

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